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Youth In Care Source

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Student Loans (OSAP), Post-Secondary Education

Counseling & Mental Health Services, Suicide & Crisis Lines, CAS Insurance, Walk-In Clinics

Emergency Shelters, Apartment Listings, Ontario Tenant Rights, Food Banks

Budget Calculator, Ontario Child Benefit Equivalent Fund (OCBE), Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), Taxes

Disability Support, Employment Services, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ+ Resources

ID, Phone Plans, Recreation

Ready Set Go

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

What is Youth In Care Source?

Youth In Care (YIC) Source is an online information resource commissioned by the Nipissing & Parry Sound Children’s Aid Society in North Bay, Ontario and Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions. 


The aim of YIC Source is to provide accessible information relevant to the lives of youth in care in our communities. 


The site was created by youth in (and formerly in) care with the help of the Ontario Education Championship Team.

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