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Nutrition, Food Prep & Safety

Welcome to our first module, Nutrition, Food Safety, Storage and Prep! We're so excited for you to be here trying these things out and hopefully, using the skills you learn on a regular basis after completing these sessions.

Challenge #1: Nutrition

Check out the attached videos done by Erin Reyce from the North Bay Health Unit discussing nutrition and read the attached materials.

Healthy Eating with Erin

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Grab and Go Lunches

Food Guide

Plant-based Proteins

Challenge #2: Food Prep & Safety

Our first challenge helped us learn why nutrition is important and gave us some ideas on how to get the nutrition our bodies need.  Now it's time to learn some tips and tricks for safely prepping and storing our food!

Cutting a Pepper

Cutting an Avocado

Cutting an Onion

Meat Storage and Handling

Safe Knife Handling

Poultry Handling

Challenge #3: Grocery Shopping & Cooking


Tips for Grocery Shopping pt.1

Tips for Grocery Shopping pt.2

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