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Secondary School Support
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Supporting  you through Secondary School

We realize that high school can be an especially challenging time, and we are here to help support you through your entire educational journey. 


The Education Liaison

Your local Children's Aid Agency's Education Liaison is here to help. Their job is to support the success of children & youth in care throughout their entire educational experience. They can help you advocate for services or resources from your school, as well as answer questions and concerns you have about your school or education. They can attend school meetings with you, or on your behalf. They also organize and provide workshops on important things like registering for Post-Secondary, how to get OSAP & Financial Aid, as well as other things.

The Education Liaison for Nipissing & Parry Sound is Nathan Moore

The Education Liaison for Muskoka Simcoe is Brianne Whiteside.

Education Community and Partnership Programs

ECPP classrooms are developed in partnership with the Near North District School Board and Nipissing Parry Sound Children's Aid.  These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of those receiving CAS services and ensure that all students who attend the program have an educational and career path for the future. By maintaining a safe environment where students feel comfortable, they are able to learn, experience success and develop their potential. These programs offer a school placement for young people who are in transition or require a reprieve from the stresses within the traditional educational setting. Emphasis is placed on enhancing social and life skills while also ensuring that students are provided with individually tailored plans that meet their specific academic, emotional and social needs. Students are provided with an opportunity to learn in a supportive setting at a pace congruent with their success.

School of Success

The School of Success is comprised of two classrooms (Gr.7-8 & Gr. 9-12) for the unique needs of youth receiving CAS services.  These trauma informed classrooms ensure that all students who attend the program have an educational and career path for the future. Emphasis is placed on enhancing social and life skills while also ensuring that students are provided with individually tailored plans that meet their specific academic, emotional and social needs so that they are prepared to transition back to mainstream classrooms.  

Contact the PARNIP Education Liaison or your CAS worker to explore a referral.

ECPP Programs- Parry Sound HS, Sundridge PS, Almaguin HSS.

Several other ECPP classrooms exist in district schools that offer prioritized space for Youth receiving CAS services.  These classrooms offer more support and flexibility for students who struggle in mainstream classrooms. Emphasis is placed on enhancing social and life skills while also ensuring that students are provided with individually tailored plans that meet their specific academic, emotional and social needs. Students are provided with an opportunity to learn in a supportive setting at a pace congruent with their success.

Contact the PARNIP Education Liaison or your CAS worker to explore a referral.


ECPP Classrooms

  • Learning 4 Life (L4L)      Parry Sound High School Gr. 9-12

  • Voyageur Program        Parry Sound High School Gr.7-8

  • ECPP classroom            Almaguin Highlands Secondary School (Gr.9-12)

  • ECCP classroom           Sundridge Centennial Public School (Gr.7-8)


Applying to Post Secondary



OCAS (Ontario College Application System)

Information and the portal for applying to Ontario College programs.


OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre)

Information and the portal for applying to Ontario University programs.

Applying to Post Secondary
Post Secondary Education
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  • Nipissing University
    Nipissing University is a Canadian University comprised of a Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies and Schulich School of Education.

  • Canadore College
    College of Applied Arts & Technology providing diploma and certificate programs.

  • Georgian College Muskoka Campus
    The Muskoka Campus offers a personalized educational experience while meeting local demand for health care, skilled trades, business, and service sector employment training.

29 Post-Secondary schools in Ontario offer specific Financial Aid Resources for Youth in Care, including applications for free tuition. 


Click on this link to find out more.

Free Tuition Bursary for Children in Care

Post Secondary Education

Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships & Bursaries


Children's Aid Scholarships & Bursaries


Educational Support from Children's Aid Foundation of Canada

A link to information and applications for scholarships, bursaries and grants offered by Children's Aid for Youth in Care including:

Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund: 

Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarships are available for young people in Canada with experience in government care who are starting their first post-secondary education program. Valued at $1,000 to celebrate their post-secondary acceptance and help with educational fees and the cost of books, applications for these awards will open in Summer 2023.

Foundation Scholarships: 

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada awards scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 once a year through a competitive process. Applications will open in January 2024 for the academic year beginning in September 2024, or January 2025.

Bursary Awards:

Bursary awards are available throughout the school year to full- and part-time post-secondary students who meet the eligibility criteria. Bursaries are for a maximum of $2,000 for full-time students and up to $200 per course for part-time students.

The Bursary program will next reopen in August for the 2023-24 school year.

Graduation Awards:

If you are under 30 and have graduated from a post-secondary program for which you received support from a Foundation scholarship or bursary, you are eligible to apply for a Graduation Award.

Clark Awards

The Clark Bursary Award is available for students in college or university who are, or were, in care. University students who are nominated for this award will receive $4500 a year for up to four years. College students who are nominated will receive $3000 a year for up to three years. The Clark Bursary program also offers a one-time grant of $1000 for students in a skills development program. You can ask your CAS worker to fill out a form that nominates you for the award.

Nipissing Parry Sound Children's Aid Scholarships and Bursaries


The Betty Ralph Award ($250)  Application April-May:  This award is presented to a child in care who has shown growth in one or more areas of their life over the past year (behavioural, educational, developmental, in sports, cultural events etc.).  Staff nominate children and youth in April for consideration.


Ron Lees Bursary ($1000)   Application is April-May

This Bursary is awarded to a child/youth moving towards adoption, on adoption probation or has been adopted, through our Agency, who has demonstrated a significant improvement in academic standing or other areas of development, and will be continuing to further their education.   Staff nominate children and youth in April for consideration.

Your College or University's Website

Many Colleges and Universities have scholarships and bursaries specifically for current and former youth in care. Inquire on your institution's website or at their Financial Aid Office.


Scholarships Canada

A website that lets you create a free profile to search and apply for hundreds of Canadian scholarships and bursaries.


Student Awards

A website with links to hundreds of Canadian scholarships and award money for Canadian college and university students.


Ontario Post-secondary Application Fees Reimbursement Program for Youth in Care

If you are, or were, an Ontario child in extended society care (formerly an Ontario Crown Ward) who is applying to college or university, you can be reimbursed for the cost of applying to college or university programs.  Ask your Children's Service Worker, or the Education Liaison for a form.

Storwell Bursary

Storwell is offers an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life. The award is non-renewable, but candidates are welcome to apply for it once a year. The successful candidate is an active member of their community, has excellent grades and displays financial need. 

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OSAP Home Page

The official Ministry page for all things OSAP. Find answers to all your questions: how to apply, how does it work?, how much will I get? and what do I have to payback?


OSAP Powerpoint Presentation

A powerpoint presentation covering information and questions about OSAP, specifically made for Youth in Society Care.

OSAP Aid Estimator

A handy tool to help you quickly estimate how much you might get in OSAP loans and grants.

Special circumstances funding for Indigenous, and Youth in & formerly in Society Care

See what special funding and grants are available for Youth in/formerly in Care.

OSAP Repayment Estimator Tool

A tool that helps you understand how much you have to pay back and explore different options for loan repayment.

My OSAP Account

A link to your My OSAP account. Don't forget to check it time to time to see important messages and deadlines!

National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC)

After your OSAP is processed and received, your actual loans are received and paid back through the NSLSC. You will be set up with an account with them, and after you are finished your post-secondary program, you will be paying back any loans through this organization.

Video: How to Upload OSAP documents

As part of the application process, you'll need to fill-out and upload various documents. this is a handy video to help you through it.


Ontario Education Champions
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The Ontario Education Champion Program


   The Education Champion Program

  • The Ontario Education Champion Program is a program that was started last year in all our area schools. It pairs each child and youth in care, from JK to Grade 12, with a Champion in their school, so that they always have someone to go to for help or advice.

  • Your Champion will be someone in your school that you trust. Your Champion is there to provide help, support, and advice for any problems or issues that you may have, be it an issue with a class, classmates, academic advice, or something happening in your life outside school. Your Champion is there for you.

  • You can also identify an Education Champion in your school when you see the Be The Bold logo. A staff member displaying this logo on their door or desk, will identify them as someone that you can approach for help.


  • Contact your PARNIPCAS Education Liaison for more information or if you would like to be paired with a Education Champion at your school.


Apprenticeships &  Dual Credit Programs

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a School to Work program that opens the door for students to explore and work in apprenticeship occupations starting in Grade 11 or Grade 12 through the Cooperative Education program. Students have an opportunity to become registered apprentices and work towards becoming certified journeypersons in a skilled trade while completing their secondary school diplomas.


Ontario Ministry of Education Apprenticeship Information Site

Information on how to train for an apprenticeship through three different programs.


Dual Credit Program

The Dual Credit Program allows secondary students from all local area school boards to take part in college level courses while they work towards completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. If successful, students will have earned secondary credits and college level credits at the same time.


Near North Schools Dual Credit info

St. Joseph Scollard Hall Dual Credit info



Dual Credit Program Contacts

Looking for more information about the Dual Credit program?

Nbisiing Secondary School
John Chowns      tel: 705.497.9938       email:

Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board
Mark Mechefske     tel: (705) 494-8600 ext. 40412     cell: (705) 358-3964

Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord
Sylvain Vachon   tel: 705.472.1701 ext. 2328     cell: 705.358.3571

Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario
Paul Séguin
tel: 705.474.5500 poste 235    cell: 705.358.1499

Near North District School Board
Alysha Young
tel: 705.472.8170 ext. 5977 

Apprenticeships & Dual Credits
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