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Counselling & Mental Health Services


Nipissing, Parry Sound, Muskoka School Board supports

All local school boards have a dedicated group of professionals that is available in their schools to respond to the mental health needs of students and provide support to parents and guardians.  Contact student services, the guidance office, or a staff member who you trust to guide you to these services.  They are confidential and are often available in both face-to-face or virtually.  Don't suffer in silence.


Nipissing Area


Muskoka Area


Additional Support: Mental Health Apps

Counselling & Mental Heath Services

CAS Health Insurance & Aftercare Benefits

Our Children's Aid Society provides basic health and dental care coverage to any child in care (regardless of their in-care legal status).


Prescriptions & Dental Expenses for Youth in Care:

Each youth in care will receive a Claim Secure Benefit Card with their group plan on it. This card can be shown at any pharmacy or dentist office and any prescription fee or dental fees will be billed directly to North Bay & Parry Sound Children's Aid Society. There should be no payment required directly from the youth.


For any para-medical or medical services (eye coverage, glasses, orthotics, physio-therapy, etc.) not related to prescriptions or dental, the youth must contact their Childcare/Youth worker to set up payment.


The Childcare/Youth worker will make the arrangements necessary for the medical services to be paid for and received by the youth, without the youth having to directly pay for it.


Aftercare Benefits for Former Youth in Care:

The Aftercare Benefits Initiative (ABI) is a comprehensive health and dental benefits program for former youth in care. The program provides a broad range of benefit coverage, including prescription drug, dental, vision, and extended health benefits, counselling, and life support services.


Eligible youth are former Extended Society Care/Crown wards, former Continued Care & Support for Youth (CCSY) who are between 21 and 25 years of age.

This includes youth who:

  • Had Extended Society Ward status that expired at age 18;

  • Were subject to a protection (formal) customary care agreement or a protection custody order at age 18; or

  • Were eligible for support under the Renewed Youth Support (RYS) program.

Youth eligible for coverage under another health plan (e.g. a plan provided by an employer, spouse, or university/college) are not eligible.

Youth attending college or university may apply for ABI if they choose to opt out of their school health benefit plan.



For more information and to view a copy of the Benefit Plan Booklet please visit


Supports through Shepell are accessible to youth up to age 29.

If you are unsure if your health care provider accepts CAS Insurance, call before your appointment to confirm.
Health Insurace and Aftercare
Walk in Clinics
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