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Group Challenge

Introduction to the Independence Group Challenge

Welcome to the Independence Group Challenge! 

As noted in the introduction video, things are a little different this year but we are so excited for the change and the opportunity to do things a little differently.


Each module will be set up in the same way; with weekly sessions that will include videos, written materials and a task for you to do. Once you have submitted the task to us your name will be entered into a draw for a great prize that will go along with the sessions that we are working on and an awesome prize at the end of the program.


First up is something super easy! Every youth is asked to complete the survey found at the link below. If you need help, please ask your support or contact us on the Facebook group. 


This shouldn't take very long and will be a great help for us to see if we are on the right track for helping youth towards independence.

*Please note, the survey does ask questions about 'parents' for this survey, a parent is anyone that has taken care of you.

Module #3: Coming Soon

Module #4: Coming Soon

Module #5: Coming Soon

Module #6: Coming Soon

Module #7: Coming Soon

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