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Please RSVP to nathan.moore@parnipcas.org to reserve your seat or obtain a Teams link to this session

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April14th & 15th /2021      10am-3pm

All youth are invited to participate in a leadership & Mentorship

This workshop is a youth friendly (15-20 years), customized outline of the PLAY NICE Sandbox Training which inspires participants to take responsibility for their success and understand conflict resolution, leadership and productivity from the inside out.


The program will build confidence as participants take inventory of their strengths and abilities, as well as teach good listening skills and ways to offer positive support and feedback as mentors to their peers.

Youth Training Opportunities

February 12, 2021

Pump up your resume and skills by registering for free online training in a variety of courses.


Please let us know of any employment or education related training that you are interested in taking and we may be able to pay for it.

Contact nathan.moore@parnipcas.org to register or for more details

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February 01, 2021


Struggling with School Work?

Help is here

Please contact the Education Liaison at nathan.moore@parnipcas.org to connect with an online tutor.

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